What is the Perfect Picture Height?

What Is The Perfect Picture Height?

Ever try to get the perfect picture height on that fabulous piece of artwork, but your walls paid the price because 'nailing' that perfect position took a dozen trials beforehand? We want to pass on several basic tips to help prevent your walls looking like you’ve been using them in lieu of a dart board!

Hang Art at Eye Level

It’s easiest to see and enjoy your art when it is displayed close to eye level. If there is a dramatic difference in the height of the people in a home, use an average so the art is easy for everyone to view.

How is the Room Used?

Eye level varies when we are  seated, reclining, or standing. Consider hanging the picture height at a lower level in a family room, bedroom or dining room than you would in a foyer or hallway.

Art and Room Size

Ultimately, your goal when hanging art should be to create a pleasing balance with the space where you display it.

  • Smaller art may need to be hung below eye level to maintain a relationship with other elements of the décor.
  • Average sized pieces of art can generally be displayed with the center or just the top third at eye level.

  • With larger pieces of art consider furniture placement and ceiling height for the optimal look.
  • When hanging art over furniture, generally keep the picture height within 6” for a cohesive display. An exception is when hanging art over low pieces of furniture or when there are objects sitting on top of the furniture. In both cases hang the art higher.

  • When hanging pairs one over the other, or groupings with multiple pieces, lay them out on the floor and measure the total height and width. Use those overall measurements as your art size.
  • In rooms with high ceilings, consider vertical pieces to take advantage of the height or arrange groupings up the wall rather than across it.


These picture height guidelines are quite traditional. Today we see art displayed in more unconventional ways, breaking these concepts, in favor of a fresh new look. The important thing is to love your surroundings. That includes hanging your art in whatever way makes you happy. No matter what height you hang it, you should always make sure your picture frame is level.

See how to hang a picture frame level on the wall in a snap with this 30 second video:

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