How to Create Art Framed Groupings

How To Create Art Framed Groupings

Sometimes it's not just a single piece of framed art that is the art.  The art showcase can be multiple frames hung together as groupings on the wall. We'd like to share with you a handful of modern and classic ways to create art framed groupings that will add style and flare to your wall presentation!

Hanging Art In A Grid

There are numerous ways to arrange groupings of art. One of the most popular is a grid, with identically sized frames and uniform spacing between them.

If you are a person who likes everything to be very tidy, this type of grouping is the perfect choice. With grid groupings, use the same amount of space between the pieces, both horizontally and vertically. To vary the spaces between the pieces would dis-coordinate the flow of the grid.

Hanging Multiple Pieces

It is one thing to hang a single piece of art on the wall, but it’s another thing altogether to hang multiple pieces, as shown here. When hanging a matched set of art in a grid, not only do they need to be level, but also identically spaced vertically and horizontally.

There isn’t a rule about how much space to leave, but it’s nice to keep it minimal in order for the set to be cohesive and work as a unit. Typically 3”-4” of space is good.

Diptychs, Triptychs, And Other Continuous Pieces of Art

Sometimes artists create pieces where the art extends from one substrate onto another, creating a continuous image. The image below was created as a single piece, but the artist divided it into four separate images to make for a more interesting presentation. When displaying these types of groupings, reduce the spaces between the images to no more than 2”. This reduced spacing will avoid distorting the continuation of the image from one piece to the next.

Create Your Own Multi-Piece Art

If you like the look shown in the previous photo, you can also create your own multi-piece groupings by cutting a print into sections. This should only be done with inexpensive decorative art that has no monetary, sentimental, or collector value.  This is because cutting art will greatly reduce both current and future value.

Off Setting The Grid

When you have an odd number of pieces, or just want to do something more unique, you can stagger the art.  The key to a successful stagger is to maintain uniform spacing.  As you see in these two photos, this look can work equally well with both traditional and contemporary styles. The contemporary piece shows another trend: mixing two diverse sets of art within one grouping.


All In A Row

The same principle of uniform spacing applies to the frame groupings shown here. When the art is all on one level, it is most important for all the pieces to be hung perfectly level and evenly spaced.


While the examples here show sets of art, you could also do this with family photos or a collection of objects. If the various pieces aren’t identical in size, you can adjust mat borders to make sure the outer dimension of the frames are the same.

When you get ready to hang your art, there are two ways to go about it.

1.) The Extra Work-Way: Lay the pieces out on the floor, with the desired amount of spacing. Measure the entire thing from top to bottom and side to side. Find your center point on the wall and hang the middle frame of the two on either side of center. Work your way out until all of the pieces have been hung.

2.) The Simpler-Way: Try using the level & hang tool, Hang It Perfect™. If your picture or art frames are of the same size and you want to hang your pieces not only level, but evenly spaced, Hang It Perfect will help you do just that in less time, and less tools. If you want to off-set your frames from one another, then option 1 above would be better suited for your needs. However if you want to hang your frames as a horizontal row, a vertical column, or as grid of groupings (both horizontal & vertical), then Hang It Perfect would be the right fit for you.

Here is a quick 90-second video to give you an idea how Hang It Perfect works in hanging grouped frames:

If you want to hang a single picture frame or piece of artwork level on the wall, H.I.P can help with that too! Click here.

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