Hang It Perfect™ Is The Best Way To Hang Pictures And More!

Hang It Perfect™ is the world’s most versatile picture hanging tool for leveling frames, hanging shelves, mirror hanging hardware, hanging cabinets, hanging TVs on a wall, and more! If you’re looking for the easiest and best way to hang pictures on your wall, look no further.

Hang It Perfect™ is the only picture hanging tool on the market that helps hang vertical & horizontal frame groupings and frame gallery walls. Not only does Hang It Perfect™ allow you to hang pictures the best and easiest way, it also helps you hang hard-to-level wall decor such as shelves, mirrors, and more!  

3 steps • 3 minutes

Step 1: connect the hooks to the hardware of object

Step 2: level unit on wall & apply pressure to mark

Step 3: install desired hardware at marks & hang!


The Hang It Perfect™ picture hanging tool helps you hang… practically everything! With Hang It Perfect™, you will be able to:  


  • Easily hang and level frames, shelves, mirrors, cabinets, flat screen TV mounts and more without having to use numerous different tools!
  • Have the Capability to hang objects with a maximum width of 38'' (or objects wider than 38'' as long as the hardware is within 38'').
  • measure and space out groupings. This is the best way to hang pictures and other wall decor because it includes a built in level. Have the only product available that helps hang and space out horizontal and vertical groupings evenly.
  • Make your Hang It Perfect™ portable! The Hang It Perfect™ is lightweight, very durable, and the arms fold in to secure to allow convenient storage or perfect carrying capability.


To purchase Hang It Perfect™, shop our picture hanging hardware today. For any questions regarding our Hang It Perfect™, you can visit our picture hanging kit FAQ page or contact us! And for more tips on the best way to hang your pictures in your space, read our latest blog How To Hang A Picture Frame Level On The Wall.