How To Make A DIY Clothesline Frame

How To Make A Clothesline Frame

Have you ever seen a clothesline frame on Pinterest and thought, “I want to make one of those!”, but didn’t know how? Well, today we're going to show you how to make a clothesline frame of your own!

Here are the materials you’ll need:

1. An empty, backless frame. This can be any type of frame – something fancy or something simple, whatever your heart desires.

2. Clothespins. You can find clothespins almost anywhere. In this tutorial we’re going to use mini clothespins we found at a craft store.

3. Twine. This can be purchased at your local craft or home improvement store. You won’t need much so don’t buy a giant roll.

4. Upholstery tacks. We chose this type of tack because they are flat at their base. This creates less bulk on your frame.

5. Hammer. The hammer will be used to drive the tacks into the frame.

6. Scissors. To cut your twine.

7. Pencil. The pencil will be used to mark where you want your tacks to go on your frame.

8. Photos!

First thing’s first. Flip your frame over and place your twine where you want to attach it. You’ll want to leave enough space for at least two rows. If your frame is bigger than the one we’re using, you may want more than two rows. Make sure you account for the height of your pictures . With your pencil, mark each side where the twine will be placed. This is where the upholstery tacks will be driven into the frame.

Second. Tie your twine. A simple knot around the stem and up against the base of the tack will do. Do this on each end of your twine, leaving a little extra on both sides in case of a measuring error. Once you’ve done this, push the tacks into the frame where you’ve made your marks. Follow this step by driving the tacks into the base with your hammer. Make sure your twine is taut and won’t separate from the tacks.

Third. Place your photos where you want them to hang on the twine. Then, simply clip your photos on the twine using your mini clothespins. Once that’s done, flip it back over and you’re finished.

And that’s it. You just made an AMAZING DIY Clothesline Frame. Great work!

Now if you want to see how it's done, here is a quick video showing the step by step process on how to make a clothesline frame!

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