5 Ways to Add Personal Style to Your DIY Clothesline Frame

5 Ways to Add Personal Style to Your DIY Clothesline Frame

DIY Clothesline Frames are totally fun and the latest trend. Here are some tips on how to make a frame that matches your unique H.I.P Style. Whether you have a country home, a modern one, or a home that’s a bit more refined, there’s a frame out there waiting to be snatched up for this fun project.

Here are 5 steps to help you create your unique, DIY clothesline frame!

Choose your frame. This is the most important decision you need to make. Don't fret though, your frame doesn’t have to be wildly expensive. My suggestion is to check out your local antique stores, vintage and flea markets (even garage sales!). These markets and sales often have frames for relatively inexpensive prices.



Pick a color. Now you might be thinking, “What if I find my dream frame, but it’s in an unsightly color?” Don’t worry, spray paint can cover just about anything! Or if you’re up for it, try a chalk based paint. This type of paint needs to be sponged or brushed on, but it gives you more variety in textures and finishes. Not only that, it covers literally everything!

To find your perfect shade and finish, take a field trip to your local home improvement or paint store. I tend to be drawn to neutrals, but don’t be afraid to add a pop of color!

Find some clothespins. Mini clothespins tend to work best for a clothesline frame because of their smaller size and lighter weight, but that doesn’t have to that limit you. Depending on the size frame you have, plus the twine and tacks you choose, larger sized clothespins might work just fine. Craft stores have a lot of different mini clothespin options from glittered to colorful and patterned. However, no need to limit yourself to what you find at the store, add a little glitter or paint to customize plain clothespins!

Choose your twine. Like clothespins, there are a bunch different twine options. There’s multicolored, metallic and textured. I would even go as far as to say you could use ribbon! Again, depending on your clothespins and frame, ribbon might make for a great twine substitute!

Finally, pick your tacks. Upholstery tacks are a great option considering how heavy duty they are. They also come in a lot of great styles and designs. Check out your local hardware store for upholstery tack options. However, there are other options too in getting creative, especially if you plan on placing your pins on the front side of the frame. I suggest trying some fun decorative pins like these:

These decorative pins can liven up your DIY clothesline frame. Plus, you can find just about any style you can think of to go with your personality and home décor!

Now that you’ve got your style ideas, click here for our guide on how to put it together!

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