18 Gorgeous Accent Wall Ideas For Your Bedroom (That Are Easy To Accomplish In A Day’s Work)

Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

This Easy-To-Follow Accent Wall Formula Is Sure To Make The Bedroom Your Favorite Room In The House

Do you need ideas on how to transform your boring bedroom into something that looks like a sanctuary designed straight from the pros? If you’re looking for a simple solution to spicing up your bedroom, look no further.

We have your go-to guide on how to create the perfect focal point that is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes, AKA, a bedroom accent wall.

Creating an accent wall in your bedroom is a bold statement that only the pros choose to tackle. Luckily, all you need is a simple, no fail plan for picking out aspects of an accent wall for a bedroom. First you pick your color scheme, then add specific design aspects to add texture or pattern to your wall, and finally accessorize your wall with design-consistent accent pieces such as mirrors, pictures, works of art, and more. Read our list of 18 accent wall ideas that can be finished in a day and work for every interior design style!


Modern interior design is all about clean spaces, harsh lines, and neutral colors. You can easily break down the modern style into 3 major categories: Mid-Century, Urban, and 21st Century. Follow along for accent wall ideas for your bedroom if you favor the modern interior design methods!

Style #1: Mid-Century

  • Accent Wall Colors: Look for contrasting color combos such as black & white. These will be dramatic enough to draw visual detail, but not overpower the room.
  • Design: Mid-Century Modern design includes bold wallpaper prints with clean lines.
  • Accessories: Some of the best finishing accessories that mid-century modern fanatics enjoy is original artwork organized in a group on the wall. This adds a personal and original touch to the space.
  • BONUS TIP: If you can’t find a bold print or color that you want permanently on your wall, you can replace that design aspect on the floor as a rug. Wayfair is the perfect place to shop for inexpensive, unique and BOLD area rugs!

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Accent Wall 

Style #2: Urban Modern

  • Accent Wall Colors: Pick dull neutrals such as greys, creams, and light blues. This could be a wall color or in your design accents such as pillows or curtains as well.
  • Design: Exposed brick or stone screams Urban Modern design. The rustic feel adds a ton of character that wallpaper and curtains could never contribute.
  • Accessories: Urban designers enjoy abstract artwork and modern decor such as unique lamps or vases.

Urban Modern Bedroom Accent Wall

Style #3: 21st Century

  • Accent Wall Colors: Find glossy neutrals such as black, grey, brown, and dark walnut. White is also incorporated in 21st Century to add a visual contrast.
  • Design: Clean wooden elements should be used throughout the room. This can include a wooden pallet wall, flooring, and wooden accents. However, this wood should NOT be rustic. Modern design is all about clean lines.
  • Accessories: Modern designers love accessories that are original to the personality of the room. For example, off center wall art or vases add just the right amount of visual interest to draw your eyes to a corner without becoming obnoxious.

21st Century Bedroom Accent Wall


Contemporary styles are easy to point out. All you need is vibrant accent colors, use of natural materials and architectural structures, and textures that make you want to touch everything. While there are many different Contemporary interior design styles, we have grouped them into three categories: Eclectic, Minimalist, and Industrial. Pick out your favorite Contemporary style to start creating your bedroom accent wall.

Style #4: Eclectic

  • Accent Wall Colors: Look for bright and bold colors such as yellow and bright green. Eclectic style is all about dramatic features that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Design: Add a funky wallpaper such as uneven patterns for visual interest. Although adding a wallpaper is not an actual physical texture, it is texture to the eyes that make your furniture and accessories POP.
  • Accessories: Hang fun mirrors and unsymmetrical pieces to your bedroom accent wall to add the perfect amount of Eclectic design. Unlike Modern design, Eclectic styles can have as many or as few of accent pieces as you want! That’s the best part about Eclectic style: there are no rules!

Eclectic Bedroom Accent Wall

Style #5: Minimalist

  • Accent Wall Colors: Minimalist design focuses on simple colors such as grey and white. Unlike Eclectic design, Minimalism focuses on “less is more”.
  • Design: Keep your visual design simple. Only add minimal print wallpaper such as thin stripes or light color combos (such as light grey and white). The simpler the texture, the more Minimalistic your design will be.
  • Accessories: Minimalism does not require dramatic features to create a bedroom accent wall. You can hang small paintings or frames, a single round mirror, or wooden floating shelves to draw attention from your eyes. We recommend placing these accessories directly center above your bed or a wooden dresser to help your eyes automatically move upwards on the accent wall.

Minimalist Bedroom Accent Wall

Style #6: Industrial

  • Accent Wall Colors: With Industrial interior design, the bolder the colors you choose for a single wall, the better. These colors can include deep greens, maroons, and charcoal greys.
  • Design: The most popular texture in Industrialism is an exposed brick wall. Because brick is used almost synonymously with Industrialism, it is common to add the bold colors as pillows, rugs, and curtains.
  • Accessories: Industrial style is all about texture and visual interest. It is very common to find black metal pipes, sconces, and wooden frames or shelves on your bedroom accent wall. Even better, add all of them together and create an Industrial haven.
  • BONUS TIP: If you want to only choose one accent piece instead of the multiple accessory options listed above, use black metal pipe shelves to get an all-in-one feel. Also, there’s no shame in a messy shelf; add different size and color books, boxes and more! Need help finding the perfect Industrial-style shelf? Take a look at the shelving options in the World Market Industrial Furniture Collection.

Industrial Bedroom Accent Wall


Country interior design is all about exposed wood, antique furniture and examples of simplistic living. The variations of Country styles can be explained by Rustic, Farmhouse, and Western/Ranch style design. Take a look at our bedroom accent wall ideas for all the Country interior designers out there!

Style #7: Rustic

  • Accent Wall Colors: Stick with earthy neutrals such as olive green, light brown, and light grey. Rustic design uses a lot of earth elements, so any other colors will clash and draw attention away from the space.
  • Design: Look for rustic barnwood or barn metal for bedroom accent wall textures. Have you ever heard of a “pallet wall”? That goes hand in hand with Rustic design! You can fill the entire wall or just a small portion that is centered.
  • Accessories: You can add bulky wooden frames and old antique pieces such as wooden floating shelves or barn metal sconces to complete your Rustic bedroom accent wall.

Rustic Bedroom Accent Wall

Style #8: Farmhouse

  • Accent Wall Colors: Farmhouse design focused on a light and airy feel. You can achieve this by adding light colors such as white, the lightest grey, and cream. This should be floor to ceiling (unless, of course, you have hardwood floors). All other elements should be in the same color scheme as well including your bedspread, curtains and pillows.
  • Design: Many believe Joanna Gaines invented the Shiplap phenomena, however, she didn’t, and it’s been a major design element for decades. Wooden textured walls such as shiplap and board & batten are painted white to add just enough visual interest, but blend in with the color scheme.
  • Accessories: You can hang old windows, wreaths, and galvanized metal to any bedroom accent wall to achieve the Farmhouse feel you desire. However, at most, stick to two out of the three to make sure the wall decor is not overbearing to the accent wall. For example, pair an old window with a green wreath over your bed.
  • BONUS TIP: When using an all-white color scheme, it can be hard to add visual interest without being TOO boring. Add hints of greenery throughout your room such as green wreaths, plants (artificial and real) or garland to really make your decor pop! Check out the assortment of wreaths from Hobby Lobby including our favorite Lamb’s Ear Wreath or Boxwood Wreath.

Farmhouse Bedroom Accent Wall

Style #9: Western/Ranch

  • Accent Wall Colors: Just like the Rustic design, stick with earthy neutrals such as light brown, white, and tan. This will come in handy when you add your design elements we will mention below.
  • Design: Most Western styles feature animal print in some form or fashion. Why not incorporate this in a fabric wallpaper? You can add wallpaper that is similar to an animal print such as cow print to pair perfectly with your neutral bedroom color scheme.
  • Accessories: Again, almost all aspects of Western design feature some SORT of animal element whether that’s in animal print or an animal mounted on the bedroom accent wall. Depending on how creative and resourceful you want to get, you can also incorporate animal print rugs and antique accessories such as old windows or doors to add a modern touch to your Western theme!

Western Ranch Bedroom Accent Wall


Coastal design is most popular in areas near the coast, however, more and more people are using these variations of Coastal design to add an airy and relaxing feel to their homes. You can achieve Nautical, Tropical, and Coastal Cottage designs by following our steps to the perfect bedroom accent wall below!

Style #10: Nautical

  • Accent Wall Colors: Look for colors in the blue family such as dark navy and turquoise. You can also pair these blues with white to make each color stick out on the wall.
  • Design: Nautical design is synonymous with navy and white stripes. However, if you have the stripes on every wall, this can overpower the room and be more distracting than relaxing. If you choose to just add the navy and white stripes to your bedroom in accent pieces, you can really achieve a nautical feel in your room.
  • Accessories: Use white wash wooden shelves and nautical decor to really compliment your accent wall. In Nautical design, the more decor pieces, the better!

Nautical Bedroom Accent Wall

Style #11: Tropical

  • Accent Wall Colors: There’s no better way to feel like you’re living on the beach than to use the green and blue color family. The earthy feel of the green or ocean vibe of blue will have you ready to kick back and relax with your feet in the sand.
  • Design: Install green leafy wallpaper that has palm tree or vine designs on your bedroom accent wall. As for most wallpaper designs, only add this to ONE wall so you don’t overdo it in your bedroom. You want your bedroom to be a sanctuary, not an overbearing space!
  • Accessories: Because the wallpaper might be really loud, use small, discreet sconces or frames on each side of your bed for functional and design purposes.

Tropical Bedroom Accent Wall

Style #12: Coastal Cottage

  • Accent Wall Colors: Pair pastel colors like white, peach, and light blue for the airy, "cottagey" feel. Use more white than color, but you can use other pastels as perfect accent colors.
  • Design: Coastal Cottage uses shiplap or board and batten for a discreet textured element to perfectly compliment the white focus.
  • Accessories: When in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? Well, when designing your Coastal Cottage space, utilize elements such as fake seashells and beach paintings perched on a floating shelf for visual interest.
  • BONUS TIP: Add a bright piece of furniture against your bedroom accent wall to draw attention to the focal point on the space. For tips and ideas, Joss and Main has a wide variety of affordable Coastal Cottage Furniture on their website!

Coastal Cottage Bedroom Accent Wall


Chic design is focused on the perfect balance of old and new as well as relaxing emotions and perfectly put together piecing. Chic styles such as Scandinavian (a Chic congruent to Minimalism), Bohemian (AKA: “Boho Chic), and Shabby Chic all have their own characteristics while remaining in the Chic interior design family.

Style #13: Scandinavian

  • Accent Wall Colors: Just like Minimalism, Scandinavian design sticks with white and light grey color schemes.
  • Design: Exposed, white brick is a perfectly subtle hint of texture. In Scandinavian design, you do not want the focal point to be the entire wall, you want it to be a center point on the wall.
  • Accessories: Add a single, small, off-center accent piece such as an antique mirror or piece of artwork to draw attention to your bedroom accent wall. This will add just enough visual interest to bring focus from the floor to the wall, while sticking within Scandinavian characteristics.
  • BONUS TIP: Scandinavian interior design also requires a fun focal light fixture. Instead of going out and buying an expensive, manufactured light fixture, you can make your own. Learn how to make 12 fun light fixtures from things found around your house in this blog from Houzz!

Scandinavian Bedroom Accent Wall

Style #14: Bohemian (“BoHo Chic”)

  • Accent Wall Colors: Try to layer colors for your Boho Chic look! The best part is there is no right or wrong color combo, as long as it works for you. For example, pair electric blues with metallics or deep purple with bright orange. This is your opportunity to do what YOU want without being confined within style guidelines.
  • Design: A Boho Chic style is all about the unexpected. Add fabric wallpaper to your bedroom accent wall for physical and visual texture. Don’t forget to keep it funky within a fun color, though!
  • Accessories: Most Bohemian wall decor includes tapestries or bold art pieces. If you like the idea of a fabric or fur wallpaper, but don’t want to commit to a FULL wall of fur, simply add a bold fur piece to the center of your bedroom accent wall.

Boho Chic Bedroom Accent Wall

Style #15: Shabby Chic

  • Accent Wall Colors: Shabby Chic is the classiest of all the Chic’s. Pair pastels together for your perfect color scheme on your bedroom accent wall.
  • Design: Use those pastel colors within vintage wallpaper on your accent wall for visual and simple texture. Draw attention to the wall by using one matching pastel color on the other walls of your bedroom to make the accent wall overly dramatic. The wallpaper would be too harsh paired with a clean white wall. That’s so NOT Chic.
  • Accessories: Shabby Chic is all about the antiques! Use empty antique pastel grouped frames for your wallpapered focus. You can also add antique furniture against the wall to add a consistent feel within your room.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Accent Wall

International Styles

Although there are no specific guidelines for our examples of International interior design styles, each individual design uses unique practices to achieve a perfect bedroom accent wall. French, Moroccan, and Spanish styles have all in some way infiltrated the way we tackle interior design and are important to great bedroom accent wall ideas.

Style #16: French

  • Accent Wall Colors: Use light pink, grey, and tan for a classy French style on your walls. Because these colors are so fair, you can use a consistent color on all your walls or pair one wall with all white.
  • Design: If you do happen to use one color for all your walls, you can still have an attention-focused bedroom accent wall! Just use french wallpaper or add panelling to one wall. The panelling design can include board and batten, wainscotting, and more!
  • Accessories: To keep consistent with the French-inspired room, hang elegant mirrors or frames on your bedroom accent wall.
  • BONUS TIP: Pair a piece of antique furniture for a French-Country design in your room! Go to your local antique store and pick out a piece of furniture that would work perfectly in your space or find fun pieces on Etsy’s antique market.

French Bedroom Accent Wall

Style #17: Moroccan

  • Accent Wall Colors: Moroccan design is immersed in the metallic colors such as silver and gold. Use both metallic and dull versions in equal amounts to feel like you are part of royalty.
  • Design: The Moroccan stencil is very popular even apart from Moroccan design. The stencil has been used in other Modern and Contemporary styles, but will always look best paired with its original design. Use this on one wall in your bedroom for a relaxing vibe in your bedroom.
  • Accessories: Use multiple metallic pieces such as mirrors or wall decor to match the metallic colors in your bedroom accent wall. You can even mix metallics such as gold and silver if you have the right color scheme and balance within your space!

Moroccan Bedroom Accent Wall

Style #18: Spanish

  • Accent Wall Colors: For a Spanish-inspired room, stick with cream colors throughout, but also pair with browns in small amounts. This adds the perfect balance of Modern design with the history and antiquity of Spanish influences.
  • Design: Plot twist: your bedroom accent wall can actually be a wooden ceiling. Because most Spanish-style homes have bare walls, the focus is actually up towards the high ceiling. Add a fun natural wooden element to your ceiling to make your walls feel larger and bedroom seem bigger!
  • Accessories: Authentic art is crucial within the Spanish culture, so use unique sconces or dramatic headboards to accompany your awesome accent ceiling. This still allows some of the focus to stay towards the horizontal walls and big pieces of furniture in your bedroom.

Spanish Bedroom Accent Wall

What To Do Next?

If you’ve been inspired by any of these easy bedroom accent wall designs, grab some paint, hang your wall decor, and purchase a Hang It Perfect™ and get to work! Make your bedroom feel like the oasis that you deserve and transform a room where you only sleep into your favorite room in your house!

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