3 Must-Have Wall Anchors To Hang Like A Pro

3 Must-Have Wall Anchors To Hang Like A Pro

IMAGINE: We're hanging a shelf on a wall. We begin by hammering in the nails. Then we hook the shelf on the newly set nails - naturally expecting the nails to hold the weight of both shelf and books. We place the books on the shelf. It looks good. We smile and let go. Woe! The shelf and all the books come crashing down around our toes! ---Yep, we've all been there. Sometimes those pesky little nails just won't hold the weight they're intended to support and one starts to wonder, "Where do I go from here?" The answer - Wall Anchors.

There are many different types of wall anchors and picture hanging hardware that can be used on drywall. Today, we are bringing you three must-have wall anchors to help you hang like a pro.

Wall Anchor #1: Plastic Expansion Anchors

Plastic Expansion Wall Anchors are the most commonly used of the three. They are available in different sizes, designs, and even colors. The larger the anchor means the larger the screw that will be needed. The larger screw gives the shelf a greater weight holding capacity. But this type of anchor needs a little help - adding a few extra steps to the hanging process. To begin, there must be an existing hole in which to insert the anchor. This can be done with a drill and an old, worn drill bit. You don't want to use your brand new drill bit, as drywall is very abrasive and could dull that bit from the get go. Once the hole is drilled, the anchor can be tapped in with a hammer, followed by the screw you'll use for the actual hanging. Plastic expansion anchors are best used with lighter frames, shelves, etc.

Here is a quick video showing you how to use this type of anchor:

Wall Anchor #2: Threaded Drywall Anchors

Threaded Drywall Anchors are the easiest to use as they are self-starting anchors that only need a Philip's head screwdriver to install. With their pointed tip, all you have to do is mark your wall where you want the anchor to be inserted and screw it in. With Hang It Perfect, you will mark your wall as part of the process of using the tool. This type of anchor accepts #6 or #8 sheet metal screws (#8 sheet metal screws are thicker in diameter) and are useful for many of your hanging needs up to 25 pounds. These are great for towel racks, shelves, light frames, and more.


Wall Anchor #3: Molly Bolts

Third: Molly Bolts are more formally known as Sleeve-Type Hollow Wall Anchors. They are not as user friendly as other types of anchors, but they can be very useful for medium to heavy loads ranging from 25 pounds to a more hefty 50 pounds. Along with the plastic expansion anchors, Molly Bolts require a pre-drilled hole to start off with. There are such things as "drive mollys", that can be driven into drywall with a hammer, but even these work more effectively with a pre-drilled hole. Once you've drilled your hole, tap the molly into the hole until the head is flush with the drywall surface, then turn the screw clockwise (Pro-tip: use a slotted screwdriver instead of a Philip's head as the Philip's head have been known to slip and cause damage to walls!).

Molly Bolts are best used for your heavier items such as larger art prints, mirrors, and heavy duty shelves.


  With these DIY wall anchor tips for your next hanging project, you’ll be hanging like a pro! DOWNLOAD PDF: "3 Must-Have Wall Anchors To Hang Like A Pro" Use your wall anchor knowledge to hang shelves sturdy as can be in your home! Click below to see how to hang the shelves level on your first try. You can also shop our Hang It Perfect™ picture hanging hardware for great wall anchors for every project! 

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