Hang It Perfect Reviews



I am a museum professional.  When we install new exhibits I am the one in the gallery placing the objects on the wall.  Recently we received over 60 works of art with D-rings installed at inconsistent heights from the top of each piece.  It required lots of measuring, math, pencil marks and LOTS of time!  There were also some errors…  I had the sense that others shared my frustration and knew there had to be a better way.

After a brief internet search I found Hang It Perfect.  I was skeptical but as a professional understood that the price for the device was a small risk and well worth giving it a chance.  Installing the next exhibit with similar D-ring hardware we reduced the install time greatly.  I’d estimate it now takes about 1/4th the time with no errors, no math, very little measuring (only locating the top center), and NO frustration.  Thank you!!

-Ralph W.

Hang It Perfect™ was recently featured on Chicago’s WGN Radio, New To Lou Too show! Check it out by clicking HERE