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Hang It Perfect

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It seems like a simple concept, hanging a frame level on the wall. Yet by the time it’s accomplished, an hour has passed and the picture looks great as long as it’s never moved, revealing the wall disaster behind it due to the multiple attempts it took to get it right! The Hang It Perfect tool will solve these problems. No more wasted time, no more maimed walls, no more multiple attempts. Hang It Perfect is the most universal, all-in-one, hang & level tool on the market that takes the sweat out of the job. It’s designed to do the work for you. It will align, level and mark so that you can hang it perfect the first time, every time. Now life’s projects are simple and fun again!

Hang It Perfect additionally can hang level flatscreen tv mounts, bathroom cabinets, floating shelves and more!

Also available at Home Depot stores! home depot logo




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